Shelly Palmer Lunch 'N Learn

Thank you @shellypalmer for the very insightful Lunch ‘n Learn about how technology is rapidly changing and business owners have to get on the train or be left behind. Also, working
with other employees, strategic partners, friends, family to enhance and create an effective strategy and solutions is key to success. No one knows everything and tap into resources and expertise anywhere you can find it!

Amazon’s business model is crushing the competition in almost every way. They have disrupted the way business is done. This is something that I have known before but he has solidified my thoughts. They are now beating Google because they have disrupted the way business is done.

See below what he says about Amazon on CNN.…/fang-earnings-think-quest-m…/

Think of how you can disrupt the way(good way) your industry does business and you will crush the competition as well! Challenge your business to offer your products and services in a more effective and efficient way to your customers! Don’t Follow but Lead The Way!

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